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Giving is central to our strategy

From our inception, giving has been central to our strategy.  Actionable gives-back in four ways:

  1. Contributing to our industry through open source.

  2. Using our time and other resources for raising money from our network, for worthy causes.

  3. Directly donating to worthy causes.

  4. Committing to provide pro-bono cyber security advisory to registered UK charities who are linked to Defence and Nat Sec causes.

Our first public works were focused not on us, but on giving, we have been true to our word; with a combined direct and indirect commitment of donations from us and our network of tens of thousands of pounds over Feb 2022 March 2023 alone.

In addition we continue to produce open source consulting tools with our second tool expected to be made available April 2023. 


Actionable continue to pledge our support for the UKAFWSA, to read more about them click here.

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